What Google Semantic Search means for business SEO

Google Search BarThe link between quality content and valuable SEO has come up before on the Chichester Design blog and the news that Google is moving to semantic search technology looks set to further cement this relationship. It will certainly change how online business websites approach SEO.

Semantic search technology is all about the intent and meaning of a query rather than just a literal, dictionary-like approach to providing search results. In short, Google will better try and understand your search term, and the results will change accordingly.

One of the major consequences for business websites is that content will have to move away from keyword-stuffed but barely readable content to well-written content that is genuinely produced to engage the end user.

Is this a good move? Definitely – just ask our copywriter, who is always arguing the merits of well-written copy that contains keywords over keyword-rich text that is all but illegible. Plain English SEO versus SEO gobbledegook if you like.

I think it has become easy to lose sight of the value and power of quality content in the pursuit of SEO. That’s not to say that keywords aren’t important – of course they are – but they need to be used as part of quality content rather than as part of an unengaging and uninformative lump of text on a web page. Marrying quality content and valuable SEO is far more difficult that stuffing text with keywords, but that’s where the skill comes in and that’s what sets service providers apart.

Google will aim to provide users with more contextual information through its search engine, which should reward business websites whose content is well written and provides information that is useful for visitors.

Interestingly, Google’s semantic search technology is far from a new concept; there’s no timeframe on its integration into the existing search results infrastructure. However, I don’t think its introduction will be too far off and, when it happens, I think it will be a good thing for business websites.

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