About Us

Chichester Design was set up in 2003 by Ben Davis and Simon Batchelar. Spotting a gap in the market, they set out to provide Chichester businesses with professional yet affordable websites. From this beginning, in a tiny room with a handful of clients, the pair worked tirelessly, investing as they went, to grow Chichester Design. The fruit of their labours is what you see today.

Today, Chichester Design is a creative agency that not only builds and designs websites but also offers a host of other business services, from digital marketing to Google AdWords and beyond. The client base has grown, too. Having started by designing a website for a local publishing house (still a client today), Chichester Design now does the same for SMEs, B&Bs and more.

And, it's no longer just a twosome. The Chichester Design team is much bigger now, working in offices in central Chichester (which are very close to some of the best coffee in town).