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Chichester Design celebrates SCDF fifth anniversary

Chichester Design was out in full force for the SCDF fifth anniversary bash at the Oxmarket Arts Centre in Chichester. There was a good crowd and I was impressed by some of the work on display. We did a good job on our showcase (thanks team). We had a big Mac set up showing examples…

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Trademarks now available for use in Google AdWords

If you use Google AdWords you may have noticed that you can bid on keywords for your competitor’s businesses, which can really wind those competitors up when your ads start appearing above theirs in the search results! But, up until now, using trademarked brand names in ad text has proved a bit of a difficulty.…

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Crimbo Limbo

Why is it that until you stop working for the Christmas period you don’t quite realise how completely and utterly pooped you are? Up until a few days before Christmas the Chichester Design team was: Making final adjustments to the recently launched Harbour Cars website Making final prepartions for the launch of the Cobnor Activities…

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