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Google AdWords Interest Targeting opens new doors for online advertising

Google AdWords has just got clever. Nothing to do with the acquisition of Motorola Mobility or Google Wallet, yet anyway, but regarding the greater personalisation of online advertising. The journey from paid search to one-to-one marketing just took a major leap forward. The launch of Google AdWords Interest Targeting allows businesses to advertise to potential…

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Chichester Design leads the way in online advertising with Google AdWords

News of exam success this week from the Chichester Design offices: after many hours of revision, our managing director Ben has passed his latest Google AdWords exams and can now be seen wielding his Google Advertising Certified Professional mantle with pride. What this qualification means is that Ben is an expert at using and applying…

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Trademarks now available for use in Google AdWords

If you use Google AdWords you may have noticed that you can bid on keywords for your competitor’s businesses, which can really wind those competitors up when your ads start appearing above theirs in the search results! But, up until now, using trademarked brand names in ad text has proved a bit of a difficulty.…

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