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Infographics giving business web design a makeover

I’ve been sifting through the digital news this week and I want to return to infographics. I think infographics an important role to play in business web design. Why? Well, in a world where we are trying to cram more and more information into smaller and smaller spaces, infographics present businesses with a smart, attractive way…

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Chichester Design puts Formaplex on track

I’ve been looking forward to talking about this project and now that the new website has gone live, I can spill the beans. We’ve been working with Formaplex, a leading specialist engineering company, to completely renew their corporate presence. The design and build of a new website has been the focal point of the project…

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Football – showing off the power of social media marketing?

The new football season has begun and I think something we can look forward to is more social media madness from players – Twitter seems the favourite means of getting in trouble. While footballers can be largely excused for poor social media etiquette, businesses can’t. In recent weeks, I’ve mentioned a number of new website…

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