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Is it just a load of Google Buzz?

Google Buzz is the latest thing from Cyberspace those whiz kids at Google. Some might argue that it’s Google’s response to not being able to buy Twitter or Facebook off of their crafty innovators and other might argue that it’s just the next step in social networking. I’m going to have a play with it…

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The Power of WordPress

Internet publishing has for a long time been a dynamic field. Long ago were the days of static webpages which necessitated the offline editing of HTML markup to update website content. Such times were problematic as markup was rarely semantic and needed a degree of technical knowledge above that of the mere web mortal to…

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Have you made a hash of things on Twitter?

If you’re down with the Twitterati then I’m guessing you’re aware of #hashtags. Sticking a hashtag before a keyword/phrase is one way that you could enter the Twitter trends and encouraging people to include, say #ChichesterDesign, in their Tweets helps people to follow a conversation on a particular topic, not to mention it’s a genius…

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