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What does Google+ Local mean for businesses?

Google has made a major change to how consumers see local businesses online and how local businesses interact with these consumers: it has replaced Google Places with Google+ Local. Expanding the use of Google+ is the target but all the same, it’s a smart move by the company. Perhaps the largest change for small businesses…

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Chichester Design behind thefoodpeople Best Restaurants infographic

I’ve mentioned infographics on the Chichester Design blog before and I posted recently on why quality content is integral to good SEO. This time, I’ve got news of one that we created about the World’s Best 50 Restaurants Awards for Brighton-based food trends company thefoodpeople. The World’s Best 50 Restaurants Awards were announced recently and…

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KONY 2012 and the power of the web

Nearly 56 million people have watched this video in the last five days. Now I’ve said that you probably don’t need to be told which video I’m talking about. Whatever your thoughts about the KONY 2012 film, it is a truly inspired use of the web. I’ve watched the video and I’ve read the reaction,…

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