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Google Analytics Real-Time a major launch for online businesses

Heady days at the Chichester Design office – we’ve been busy trying out the new Google Analytics Real-Time. “What’s so exciting about that?” I hear everybody say? Well, in short, it’s a tool that helps paint a clearer, quicker picture of return on investment on business websites. With Google Analytics Real-Time plugged into a business…

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Consumers hungry for online shopping

“More shoppers trust the internet than TV” – now here’s a fascinating statement. It is the title of an article I read the other day which talks about how the internet is revolutionising the way in which we shop. I also think that it has a direct impact on how small businesses set out their…

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Google+ and the value of social media for businesses

The big news this week is undoubtedly the launch of Google+, Google’s answer to Facebook. This is Google’s third attempt at a social network and all eyes are watching to see if the company can spear its own Moby Dick. Whatever happens, the move underlines the role of social media in our society, both from…

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