Chichester Design: Google beef up their AdWords service with Product Extensions

I’ve got interesting news from Google to report this week. The search engine giant has launched a new AdWords feature in the UK. The feature, called Product Extensions, allows the inclusion of product images within advertisers’ paid-for text adverts.

Product Extensions comes to the UK after being trialled in the US last November and its aim is to further enhance adverts by including more relevant and specific information, i.e. product images. Product Extensions allows advertisers to select specific products to appear within AdWords paid ads when triggered by certain keyword searches.

The same cost per click is incurred by advertisers whether users click on the main text ad or through the Product Extensions plusbox. However, there is no charge for merely expanding the plusbox without clicking through to the site.

The launch of Product Extensions is clearly designed to improve the performance of AdWords search campaigns and introducing a stronger visual format is likely to give advertisers using the new feature a definite advantage over those that don’t. A Google blog cites the example of, which reported a 9% increase in conversion rates for their ads with Product Extensions.

Google AdWords is a core service at Chichester Design and our team includes Google AdWords Certification holders, of which there are only a few in our area. Google AdWords is a powerful pay-per-click advertising service which includes site-targeted advertising. Ads are short, normally comprising one headline and two additional text lines.

Online advertising and marketing is a major business strategy and Google AdWords campaigns form a central part of this type of business development. Advertisers pay a fee each time a user clicks through from an ad to their site and they can place their adverts to appear in connection with specific searches. The performance of these ads is tracked, allowing service providers such as Chichester Design to develop campaigns to produce the best possible results for advertisers. It’s all very clever.

To find out more about Chichester Design’s web design and development services, including Google AdWords, contact Ben on +44 (0)1243 787542 or [email protected].



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