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The Worlds 50 Best Restaurant Awards

I’ve mentioned infographics on the Chichester Design blog before and I posted recently on why quality content is integral to good SEO. This time, I’ve got news of one that we created about the World’s Best 50 Restaurants Awards for Brighton-based food trends company thefoodpeople.

The World’s Best 50 Restaurants Awards were announced recently and thefoodpeople asked us to create a fittingly grand infographic – we’re talking about the likes of Noma, Heston Blumenthal and Michelin stars no less – giving an in-depth insight into the results. This is what we created. So, not just details of the winner and the runners up, but the lowdown on which cities play host to the most top restaurants, the chefs behind them, which haute cuisine eateries have consistently won a place on the list, and more.

Whether it’s web design in Chichester, Brighton or the other side of the world, infographics are becoming increasingly popular as a digital marketing tool for businesses. They allow businesses to condense a lot of key information into a relatively small graphic whose design is eye-catching and engaging. In the race to capture consumers with increasingly narrow attention spans, infographics are proving to be a successful tool for turning online traffic into customers.

On this week, there’s a great infographic on the money being spent on the US presidential race, in particular expenditure on online campaigning. It includes a forecast of who would win if the election took place on Facebook. But it’s not just on technology magazine sites where you can see infographics, they’ve crossed into the mainstream and they’re now used regularly as part of regular newspaper and magazine content and on business websites. thefoodpeople World’s Best 50 Restaurants infographic is the second one that the company has featured on the website that we designed and built for them last year.

We’re going to see more and more infographics, particularly in the online business world, and as this trend grows, there is going to be a growing focus on the quality of this type of graphic design service, as standing out from the crowd will become more important. Our graphic design team are looking forward to it!

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