How Google Ad Planner can be the difference between online advertising success and failure


It’s the season of peace and understanding, and I want to focus on understanding. Understanding how to better engage and market to potential clients when creating a new business website to be exact. Google Ad Planner helps provide this insight.

Just as important as having a business website properly designed and built is ensuring that the content is properly advertised. And when I mean properly advertised, I mean making sure that it is targeted at the correct audience. No one wants to waste their money, using Google AdWords or any other means, on mis-targeted online advertising. This is where Google Ad Planner comes in.

It is a clever invention from Google. Google Ad Planner allows business website owners to better advertise their content, giving them the opportunity to identify their core audience and achieve greater exposure among this group.

Ad Planner provides a range of data, from tracking other sites that visitors frequent and commonly used search keywords within the core audience group to information on demographics, interests, income and gender, which helps generate a clearer picture of where to advertise.

For example, when planning a car-related business website, Google Ad Planner could be used to collect data on audiences for websites such as Top Gear, Jalopnik, Piston Heads, etc. to attain an understanding of the new site’s target audience. For a food-related business website, it could be Jamie Oliver, the British Larder or thefoodpeople.

Google Ad Planner also has the capacity to create a list of key websites, which is part of an analytical tools package that ensures the focus of an online marketing and sales campaign remains in the right place. In a very competitive online commercial environment, Ad Planner can help business websites build a powerful online profile.

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