How Facebook Timeline for Pages will change SME social media strategy

Facebook TimelineLast time, I was talking about KONY 2012 and the power of the web. This week my subject matter is Facebook; one of the key factors in creating the riot surrounding the KONY 2012 campaign. The all-powerful social network is launching it’s Facebook Timeline for Pages. So, what does it mean for businesses and brands?

Unsurprisingly for such a radical overhaul (and the switch from the old-style wall format is just that), Facebook Timeline for Pages has brought howls of protest from some. However, while the changeover may cause a few ripples as people adjust, overall I think it’s a good thing that will generate more for those brands and businesses willing to put more in.

Ian Schafer, CEO of Deep Focus, hits the nail on the head in an article on when he says that companies that excel at providing stimulating, engaging content will do well and those not used to creating their own content may flounder.

Thinking specifically of SMEs, those that invest in generating their own content, whether it’s reporting new product launches and the hiring of new personnel, writing regular business blogs, commenting on industry news, etc., will get more out of the changeover to Facebook Timeline for Pages. Those companies that don’t dedicate enough time and attention could be left behind. In short, businesses are going to have to make their brands more engaging.

Schafer makes another good point that businesses need to think of Facebook Timeline for Pages as a distribution point rather than a destination. Perhaps too much of the focus has been getting people to business Facebook pages rather than considering why this goal is so heavily prized: in terms of SMEs, to get them to click through to a company’s main website where browsers can become consumers.

Whatever the industry, social media has long been recognised as an essential marketing tool when it comes to SME web development and now it seems Facebook is asking these companies to up their game when it comes to social media marketing and social media optimisation.

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