Chichester Design: the battle of HD video hosting – Vimeo vs YouTube

I’ve spoken about digital marketing and search engine optimisation in previous blogs and this week’s subject touches on both services. Web videos are becoming an increasingly popular online business tool and the big question at the moment is: Vimeo vs YouTube – which offers the better HD video service?

So, what’s the answer? Well, put that question into a search engine and you’ll come up with lots of different opinions about which HD video service to use, including views on hosts other than Vimeo and YouTube. But, in my opinion, as a tool for marketing businesses, it has to be YouTube.

Now, Vimeo is growing (and it will be interesting to see how it deals with YouTube-sized expansion should it achieve it), but it doesn’t come close to YouTube in terms of exposure. YouTube is the second most popular website after Google, which is quite a crown to wear.

Also, it shouldn’t be forgotten that YouTube is owned by Google. I don’t think the benefits of this parenthood need much explanation beyond saying that the audience will always be big. If you’re looking to attract customers through searches, then it has to be YouTube.

And the size of the potential audience is what matters when it comes to business: YouTube provides the quickest access to the largest audience. It’s the bigger brand, and brand power is what business is all about.

Furthermore, YouTube has notably improved the quality of its service over the last year or so. It has offered a 4K industry-standard video format service, which allows resolution of up to 4096 x 3072 pixels, since July, and it introduced 1080p HD support in November 2009.

All of this means that YouTube has the capacity to host high-quality HD videos that can be used on websites, as part of digital marketing campaigns and for SEO purposes.

And this is why we decided to use YouTube to host HD videos for a client whose new website we’ve just completed. Rostand is a digital video production company with excellent pedigree and high standards, so choosing the right host and getting the most exposure was critical. Check out their homepage here – it features a video that tells an extraordinary story of survival at sea.

To find out more about Chichester Design’s web design and development services, including HD web videos and SEO, contact Michael on +44 (0)1243 787542 or [email protected].



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