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Mark Zuckerberg, Lily Allen and the power of social media for businesses

I’ve been keeping my eye on developments in the social media world this week and I see that Mr Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has introduced a new subscribe tool to his network. There’s potential for businesses in this I think. Facebook’s subscribe button is a clever response to Google+ Circle and a shot across the bow…

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Google+ public launch: the battle with Facebook begins

I talked about Google’s initial roll out of Google+ back in July and now the search engine giant has given its social network to the masses, announcing its public launch last week. It’s time to sit back and see if it can take on Facebook. That’s the big question. Can it give the mighty Zuckerberg…

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Mobile browsing and mobile payments – tomorrow’s consumer world

Buying online – I’ve blogged recently about how we trust the internet more than we do the TV – but this time it’s a different aspect of e-commerce that’s on my mind. The launch of Google Wallet has got me thinking about mobile browsing and mobile payments. Mobile payment is by no means a new…

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Google takes aim at Facebook with Google +1

I was talking about Google+ the other week on the Chichester Design blog and how the company is taking another shot at a social network. This time, I want to discuss another new weapon in Google’s armoury (to take on Facebook again?), Google +1. Google +1 is a tool much like Facebook’s “Like” button that…

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Our creative team does all its web design work in Chichester

It's where we do everything else as well, from branding and digital marketing to graphic design and web videos. We've been putting this expertise to work for local businesses since 2003, creating powerful business websites in Chichester and beyond.

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Calling all front end developers!

We are looking for a Front End Developer who has some commercial experience, along with a genuine flair and passion for design, coding and creating intuitive user experiences.

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#excited to watch 'A Taste of Britain' today at 15:45 on BBC1 with our friends @britishlarder and @BrianTurnerChef & @The_Real_JSP #food

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