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PayPal Access to redefine ecommerce website landscape?

Following the last blog on Google Wallet I thought it important to talk about, something else new for online shoppers and companies with ecommerce websites. eBay has unveiled PayPal Access, a new web payment service that could replace all the others on the market. The growth of ecommerce business websites has been notable, and their…

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Facebook Exchange advertising opportunity for SMEs

Last week it was top-level domain names (.chichester, .brighton, etc.) and the benefits they offer companies; this time it’s a new online advertising service from Facebook, called Facebook Exchange. This service is about retargeting consumers and more relevant direct advertising. The creation of Facebook Exchange, it is due to be launched shortly, is a logical…

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What does the Google Nexus 7 tablet mean for your SME website?

What’s the link between the launch of the Google Nexus 7 tablet and your SME website? Well, it’s to do with Google’s move into the tablet marketplace more than the tablet itself, and what it means for how consumers access online products and services. In short, it underlines the importance of mobile web optimisation. While…

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Google AdWords Interest Targeting opens new doors for online advertising

Google AdWords has just got clever. Nothing to do with the acquisition of Motorola Mobility or Google Wallet, yet anyway, but regarding the greater personalisation of online advertising. The journey from paid search to one-to-one marketing just took a major leap forward. The launch of Google AdWords Interest Targeting allows businesses to advertise to potential…

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Our creative team does all its web design work in Chichester

It's where we do everything else as well, from branding and digital marketing to graphic design and web videos. We've been putting this expertise to work for local businesses since 2003, creating powerful business websites in Chichester and beyond.

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Calling all front end developers!

We are looking for a Front End Developer who has some commercial experience, along with a genuine flair and passion for design, coding and creating intuitive user experiences.

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#excited to watch 'A Taste of Britain' today at 15:45 on BBC1 with our friends @britishlarder and @BrianTurnerChef & @The_Real_JSP #food

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