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A mobile-friendly website: why it will increase sales

At the end of last month, we let you know that Chichester District Council has reintroduced its enabling grants for business websites. So, what can you spend the £1,000 on? I think that a mobile-friendly website is an essential tool for businesses. Why? Because more and more people are browsing and purchasing using mobile devices.…

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The new Natural Navigator website, built and designed by Chichester Design and powered by our Novio content management system (CMS), has been chosen as one of .net magazine’s CMS sites of the month in its latest edition. We’re pleased as punch at the Chichester Design office. .net magazine isn’t that widely known, but for tech-heads like…

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Get £1,000 to improve your business website

That’s right: a £1,000 to improve your business website. The good people at Chichester District Council have reintroduced their enabling grants for business websites. But the funding is limited, so you need to act now. What can you do with the grant? Lots! Get a new website that gives your business a new, fresh and…

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PayPal Access to redefine ecommerce website landscape?

Following the last blog on Google Wallet I thought it important to talk about, something else new for online shoppers and companies with ecommerce websites. eBay has unveiled PayPal Access, a new web payment service that could replace all the others on the market. The growth of ecommerce business websites has been notable, and their…

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Our creative team does all its web design work in Chichester

It's where we do everything else as well, from branding and digital marketing to graphic design and web videos. We've been putting this expertise to work for local businesses since 2003, creating powerful business websites in Chichester and beyond.

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