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Are landing pages important for SEO?

Let’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start (especially for all you Sound of Music fans, that one!) A landing page is a webpage that is dedicated to a particular product or service or a range of products or services. It should not only provide visitors with information but also…

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Trademarks now available for use in Google AdWords

If you use Google AdWords you may have noticed that you can bid on keywords for your competitor’s businesses, which can really wind those competitors up when your ads start appearing above theirs in the search results! But, up until now, using trademarked brand names in ad text has proved a bit of a difficulty.…

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Top Tips from TFM&A 2010 – Getting in the Marketing Mix

Because Chichester Design’s tips on SEO gained from TFM&A 2010 went down so well we’ve got some more for you about how to achieve a great marketing mix… Digital marketing can be defined as any number of mediums such as social media, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimisation, articles, blogs and forums. Utilising digital marketing…

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Tips from Ben for 2010

So many people ask Chichester Design’s Managing Director, Ben Davis, questions like: “How do I get my website to the top of Google?” “How can I get more traffic to my website?” “Is it worth me starting up a business for this, that or the other?” And we thought as a special treat we would…

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Our creative team does all its web design work in Chichester

It's where we do everything else as well, from branding and digital marketing to graphic design and web videos. We've been putting this expertise to work for local businesses since 2003, creating powerful business websites in Chichester and beyond.

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Super-smooth responsive website for H&B Sensors

Shortly before we began work on the recent Kind Cakes project, the Chi Design team finished building the new, super-sleek H&B Sensors website. Using a combination of HTML5 and CSS3, we designed and built an intuitive, visually striking and fully responsive site. Outside the Box Creative worked closely with the client to create a new…

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