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Chichester Design puts Formaplex on track

I’ve been looking forward to talking about this project and now that the new website has gone live, I can spill the beans. We’ve been working with Formaplex, a leading specialist engineering company, to completely renew their corporate presence. The design and build of a new website has been the focal point of the project…

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Football – showing off the power of social media marketing?

The new football season has begun and I think something we can look forward to is more social media madness from players – Twitter seems the favourite means of getting in trouble. While footballers can be largely excused for poor social media etiquette, businesses can’t. In recent weeks, I’ve mentioned a number of new website…

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Consumers hungry for online shopping

“More shoppers trust the internet than TV” – now here’s a fascinating statement. It is the title of an article I read the other day which talks about how the internet is revolutionising the way in which we shop. I also think that it has a direct impact on how small businesses set out their…

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Mobile browsing and mobile payments – tomorrow’s consumer world

Buying online – I’ve blogged recently about how we trust the internet more than we do the TV – but this time it’s a different aspect of e-commerce that’s on my mind. The launch of Google Wallet has got me thinking about mobile browsing and mobile payments. Mobile payment is by no means a new…

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Our creative team does all its web design work in Chichester

It's where we do everything else as well, from branding and digital marketing to graphic design and web videos. We've been putting this expertise to work for local businesses since 2003, creating powerful business websites in Chichester and beyond.

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Super-smooth responsive website for H&B Sensors

Shortly before we began work on the recent Kind Cakes project, the Chi Design team finished building the new, super-sleek H&B Sensors website. Using a combination of HTML5 and CSS3, we designed and built an intuitive, visually striking and fully responsive site. Outside the Box Creative worked closely with the client to create a new…

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