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Infographics: painting a clearer picture of business

Information: there’s plenty of it about nowadays, perhaps too much. I think separating the wheat from the chaff is fast becoming an essential life skill in our digital age. Equally as important, as a business, is how you present a wealth of data in a format that will appeal to consumers with notoriously low attention spans and will fit into a limited space. This is where infographics come in.
Infographics are fast becoming the way to present a large amount of key information in a small space, such as on a business website or in a brochure. I think it is a new part of business-related design that we’ll see an increasing amount of in our daily lives. And, it is design – innovation is critical to grabbing people’s attention in today’s information-overload society.
I’ve seen various formats of infographics put to work for businesses, from the more functional to features with a high degree of design. Infographics can be used to explain anything from smartphone usage to how to remove a tattoo, or presenting a quick overview of financial results. In short, whatever the product or service, striking infographics will help get the sales message across.
Here are some examples of infographics on a design blog – they really are clever. Another good example is the new Infomania feature at the back of the Guardian Guide: the infographics present a lot of information about the celeb of the week in an accessible and fun way. Sounds like a perfect fit for business use doesn’t it? Watch out for infographics, we’re going to be seeing a lot more of them.
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