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Facebook for Business

We’ve already set up a few Facebook pages for our customers and we’ve just got around to starting our own. Facebook enables us to connect with our customers in a similar way we connect with our friends.

Here’s some useful features your business could benefit from with Facebook.

Facebook Social Ads
Promote your website or Facebook Page with highly-targeted advertising. Make your ads even more effective by attaching them to News Feed stories about the users’ friends. Receive detailed analytics and reporting through Facebook Insights.

Facebook Pages
Connect with your customers on Facebook similar to the way they connect with their friends. Through a Facebook Page, users can show their support by becoming a fan, writing on your Wall, and other actions that automatically generate News Feed stories.

Facebook Beacon
Allow your customers to share with their friends the actions they take on your website. For user actions you define, Facebook Beacon will publish a story in the user’s profile and to friends’ News Feeds with a link back to your site.

Facebook Insights
Gather insights on who’s engaging with your Facebook Pages and who’s clicking on your Social Ads. You can also see how much your presence is spreading virally without promotion. Facebook Insights is a free service included with Pages and Social Ads.

Facebook Platform
Facebook Platform enables you to create social applications that let users interact with their friends and your business. With many deep integration points, platform applications are effective ways for your business to leverage the social graph.

Facebook Polls
Run a survey targeted to the demographic you define and get answers in as little as 30 minutes. Ask your target audience about their attitudes or get feedback before you make business decisions. Watch the results in real time as users respond.

If you would like to talk to us about setting up a Facebook page for your business, then you can get in touch with us via our website:



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